Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I hate to disappear, but I want to

I have no idea what happened with my last post (now deleted), but this is what it was supposed to be:

Blogging. Love it. Love reading other blogs even more, I think. So I do that more than I write on my won blog.

So, I've been around blog world for quite some time now. And around the healthiness/weight loss/fitness blogging circles, I've realized there's a trend; Most bloggers, like almost all, who have reached their goals and are now in maintenance, or are near their goal, started blogging after losing some. And then those bloggers who started blogging when they started their journeys...those are mostly blogging away day after day, or skipping days or weeks in between, but are not getting far in their journeys. That is just my observation and may not be absolutely accurate, but if I'm right, does anyone know why that is?

I find it very interesting. Especially because it applies to me.

Anyway, like the title says, I hate to disappear. But I want to leave, to stop blogging for a while. I want to go away and work on myself privately. I will start blogging publicly again when I have lost a significant amount of weight. An amount that I won't only see on the scale or by how my clothes fit, but where by I'd have to stop wearing some of my clothes because they are too big. I want to come back to blogging when I know I'm making some real progress.

I love blogging, so it'll be quite a reward to work towards.

So, see you later.

Have a merry christmas and a great new year! What gifts are you giving yourselves this coming year?