Friday, May 4, 2012

May 1st, 2012

Coming to you on May 4th...

Anyway, on May 1st 2012, I weighed exactly, to the first decimal, what I weighed on April 1st 2012, so basically I spent April fixing the damage I did in March. But I have to admit that it's not like I was a saint in April, though I did try.

Bottomline though - I am NOT trying enough. I really have not been in weight loss mode at all since end of February, and have simply been winging the food and not really committed to working out at all. I am trying to make a turn-around in May and get back to working out consistently before the end of the month.

April 2012 highlights:
    Updating my FB status to say 'I finished!' right after crossing the finish line and getting my medal
    My 2 medals from the Gaborone City Marathon; I wish we had more of this kind of events
  • I walked the 4K at the 2012 Gaborone City Marathon (This year it was called the Steinmetz-Gaborone Marathon - new sponsor = change of name! My time was horrendous, but you know what, I finished and that was my goal for the day, so it was mission accomplished. There was a girl I know who did the 10K and then the 4K --- crazy! But it's something I wish I could do.
  • I have high blood pressure, so high that my doctor has sat me down to talk about it. It was 140 something over 1 something, so yeah, I really have to do something.
  • OMG, I have never had to take pain medicine around the clock the clock the way I did when I had the most painful bout of tonsolitis ever (well, except when I had my son via caesarian section). Tonsilitis is an illness I do not wish upon anyone; I had to miss at total of 3 days of work, and that's with the weekend in between, so I was down for close to a week (6 days).
  • So, unfortunately the tonsilitis has to be my "new experience" for April because I had to postpone what I had planned to do.
  • Do you see how my highlights are more downers than yays?? April wasn't the best month this year...
Plans for May 2012
  • Do 2 fun "new experience" activities
  • Complete one cleanse week - whole foods; fruit and veg; juice - yet to decide how.
  • GO BACK TO AEROBICS - Goodness, it's free! It's only time I have to commit, well, andthe courage to go back 2+ months later being worse for wear.
  • Complete one week of food tracking - I have tried tracking my food but I can not recall finishing a whole week
  • So, all in all, this May I want to kick-start weight loss and  work at it through the winter.
I absolutely hate how I have set goals for myself in the past, and actually visualizing the end result a few months ahead in my head, only to find myself at the time when I should have been reaching said goal being even worse than on the starting biggest pitfall is not following through - something has got to give!