Friday, April 29, 2011

Blogging, Being Well, and Winter

I think I like reading others blogs so much more than I like writing one.....? Yeah, that would explain my absence from blogging so much. I've contemplated shutting the blog down, but I can't bring myself to do it and I think if I do I will definitely then start missing blogging, unlike when I know I can blog whenever I want. So, I'll keep the blog and update as much as I feel like.

I've been well and good. Gym every morning, with a bit of extra exercise some days. Food has been good too. I finally have a plan to follow, and though I've had to deviate a couple of times, it's been for fairly valid reasons and no, I did not choose unhealthier food over what's on the plan, just something different and/or more convenient. Obviously it may take a couple of weeks to remove all the kinks and have a solid weekly plan that I intend to follow for at least a month, and if it works then stick with it for longer, otherwise re-do and review in another month.

So far so good, and I've even seen a loss on the scale already. Yes, I weigh myself every morning (and sometimes evenings too).

Winter is here (though practically it's still autumn)
And I still hate it. I have decided that this year I'll wear pants if I can find some that I like. Preferably linen jeans and that sort of thing. I also need a couple of hoodies for gym and a couple of long-sleeved Ts to wear underneath my sweaters. Other than that, we're done with winter-shopping already in my house! For someone who hates winter I embraced and am happy with the shopping this year. The boy had outgrown all his winter clothes from last year! I had to do it early before all the nice things were gone. Hopefully i won't be seeing any nicer things - better avoid the clothing stores!

Another long weekend! So happy. Have a good one!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dare I go to Facebook???

I've been thinking of extending my weight loss efforts to Facebook. Hoping that involving more real life people in my journey may be more motivating for me. The more people that would know that I'm doing this, the more people I'm accountable to, and the more I'm likely to stick to it, right?

I don't know. The main reason I've kept my blog a secret from people in my real life is because I don't want people to know when I fail. But isn't that like believing I will fail even before I start? And so setting myself up for failure? Hmm. So, I'm thinking about it, seriously considering it. Would it hurt for me to admit openly that I DO want to lose weight? I'm sure they know I do, even as much as I like pretending like everything is peachy.

I know there are people who know about and read this blog secretly (colleagues who found out through their work - IT - and their friends perhaps). They haven't said anything to my face about not reaching my goals, well, not losing weight since I haven't stated any goals. So if this is an indication, my friends will only encourage me to do better and not comment on my lack of progress if that's the case, won't they? I'll just make a statement that I'm embarking on a weght-loss journey, welcome any encouragement, but no negative critisism, etc. Then update after work-outs and meals and when I slip up. That should help, I think. Yep, I think I'll go for it.

Buuut, I'll only say it's done when I've done it.

You know, year after year I've told myself diet and exercise in secret and people will only see me looking better and better, but it hasn't worked. May be it is time to involve 'people'. I should do this. I should.
What do you think?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I went

I did go to Curves yesterday. The work-out is only 30 minutes long, and you determine how hard you want to work. I worked hard during that 30 minutes, I sweated up a storm and left very glad I went.

Then... I went again this morning! And rocked it yet again. I love that it's a mere 30 minutes yet I feel like I have done a lot when I leave. I love that I get to work out my whole body by just going around the circuit and that I get my cardio and resistance training all in one session. I just hope as I get more and more used to it it won't lose its lustre.

I'm still struggling with the food issues. Yesterday was ok though I thought I might struggle more because of that little mishap. I dealt ok, but honestly, I 'm still not pleased and still feel really resentful. I'll get over it.

In the mean time, it's all about me for me!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fueled by anger?

Ugh, I'm tired. Physically and mentally. May be I'm depressed??? I was just talking to my friend that I joined the gym with and were doing work outs together. She hasn't been to gym since the first week and has said she was busy with this or that all the time. Only today I find out she has gone the wire-tie route. I feel betrayed. Very seriously.
There I was discussing with her our course of action - we were going to do the gym and Weigh-less. Together, supporting each other. And she goes and takes the easiest way out without letting me know she's leaving me in the lurch. Yeah, friendship indeed. And guess what, if this has taught me anything it's that I am not going to eat my emotions. I've resolved to do this the right and healthy way, and I dare say it has fueled me to try and do better every day.

So, thanks friend, by bailing out on me you have given me the encouragement to really have my own back. To love me more, and do what is best for me always. I was thinking of skipping gym today coz I'm in a funk but no, I'm going and I'm going to rock it. And I'm going to join further than the 6 weeks we had signed up together.

I was actually working on a sustainable meal plan this morning, and have been thinking of how to coordinate my work out time with my other responsibilities. I want to add walking to the gym time. So, I'll try it out from tomorrow. Next week I'll be on the schedule full time, meals and work outs.

Here we go. I want long-lasting, no, permanent weight loss. I'm going after it.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The food issue

I get up by 5.30am most morning so I can make it to gym before work. I work out hard, I sweat a lot, probably more because of how out of shape I am than how hard I work out. But I still do a great job of it. I wish I had a heart rate monitor to tell me exactly how well I'm doing, or not. But still, I know it's enough to shave off enough calories for me to lose at least a tiny bit every week. Alas, there's no weight loss. But why, you ask? The answer: It's the food issue. My issues with food have to be resolved before I can get anywhere. I can work out until I pass out, but as long as I eat more than I need to, the weight won't come off, if anything more will pile on. While I go to gym everyday :(. Sad. Something has got to give. Seriously.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Acknowledge and move forward...

We're a quarter of the year into 2011. And only now things are starting to somewhat have a rountine. There's been too much happening, including too much travelling since the beginning of the year, but now thinsg are settling down and I should have more control over my life! Can someone say finally!!

So, yeah, this is the time to acknowledge that I haven't done well so far this year, and move on. Because, what will beating myself up, regrets, etc. give me? Nothing, or if anything it'll make me feel bad and do even worse.

I've had some positives though...I've done Curves religiously since March 11. I've gone every single day it's been open except 2 days I missed with a swollen ankle and last Thursday when  I was just so out of it I couldn't even make myself just go. What's more, most of the days I've gone early in the morning before work! Yay me!

However, today I'm going and I'm reviewing my previous eating plans to determine how I'm moving forward.

I'll be living my life from now on, this just taking whatever the day brings has come to an end. My new motto is 'Live Your Life!' I'm doing it. And guess what? Health and Fitness Will Follow!