Monday, June 22, 2015

I'm trying

Something has clicked, far far away a pin fell to the ground and I heard the sound of it, far in the distance.
Where before I just sat and worked all day and ate whatever my hands and/or eyes fell upon, lately I have been standing up and walking around, and doing some body weight exercises, and I've been a bit 'choosier' with my food.
Yep, the flame is there, even if it only just a small flicker, it is there.
I'm going to keep trying, I know I will gain momentum. One day is one day. It will never be over. I'm never throwing in the towel. I will take it one day at a time, I will keep getting up each time I fall. I will keep trying.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

I must

My grandmother passed away in April and we laid her to rest on May 2nd. She was always overweight, as long as I've known her anyway. Eventually she developed hypertension and diabetes, and it was complications to do with them that took her. What I always admired about her was how she controlled her eating. She abstained from so much; she didn't drink tea or coffee, except for herbal teas, her food was cooked without oil or fat, salt and she didn't take sugar. So, there was absolutely no junk in her food. She avoided red meat and ate only chicken and fish. She'd made so many sacrifices and I'm quite sure that if she had just kept eating anyhow, she would've left us long before she did.

I was one of the speakers at her funeral, representing the grandkids. After talking about her, I made an announcement that I was going to adopt her healthy eating lifestyle, in front of a huge huge crowd of family, friends, and even strangers (to me). So, having made such a public pronouncement, I must live up to it.

I must. Something has got to give!