Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1st, 2012

So we're 1 of 12 down! Already...

In January 2012, in the healthines front, I;
  • Lost 2.3 kg. 
  • Returned to aerobics when they restarted after the festive season and only missed classes when I absolutely couldn't go, and that's only once before this week.
  • Tried to eat better, but ended up feeling hungry at the end of the day and wanting to snack late at night many days. <-------working on this.
  • Started C25K, though I know I will have to repeat week 1 next week.
Goals for February 2012:
  • Another loss overall, more than Jan.
  • Continue with aerobics.
  • Work more on eating; balance out lunch and supper to avoid late night snacking.
  • Complete 3 weeks of C25K (or however many I can do, in case I have to repeat).
I also have fun goals that I may blog about some time during the month.