Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm back

I flew back home last night and was pleased to be back. I always miss my son so much when I travel. And he was happy to see me as well.

I don't know what switch flipped overnight, but the poor thing woke up with a freaky fever this morning. Had to miss work to take him to see the doctor - he assures that he'll be ok soon. But seeing him being so different from his usual bubbly naughty self is so sad. I pray that it passes sooner than we think.

As for me, I did very well on my trip. No gain yet again. I think I'm getting the hang of this travelling thing. I just wonder whatever made me think that being on the road gives me an excuse to stop taking care of myself... Anyway, I'm glad that I finally got it. And guess what, I've realized that I eat even better when travelling now than I do at home. I suppose not having the food there waiting to be eaten should I choose is very helpful. I buy only what I need and that's all I eat, whereas at hoem I can always munch on something from the fridge, or even whip something up.

As planned I did not exercise at all while I've been away. I did miss it a lot though. However, my foot pain is still there in the background. I can tell that a walk on the treadmill would have me limping again, so what do I do? It's probably time I got help for it. But being where I am, I know the best I'll be getting maybe pain killers. When will our part of the world reach world standard in that area, I wonder. Oh well, we just have to deal.

The weekend is here, and though there is so much I could do - US Mission sports day, friend of a friend's wedding, boyfriend's cousins reunion, trip to Jwaneng - I don't feel like I'll end of doing any of it. I think I'll end up just home looking after my son. Yeah, I think I have my priorities right.

It will be a good weekend though. If anyone reads this, have a good one yourself.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I'm away on a work trip since yesterday, going back home tomorrow, just on time to surprise my mom on her birthday - I told them all I'll be back Friday, and I have a very cool surprise lined up. As for me, I wrote that I can feel myself slipping in that post that I lost last week. My food intake had taken a wrong turn and I was eating more and more, also more of the unhealthy stuff. Now on this work trip I've planned out my meals such that despite hotel buffet breakfast and take out lunches and suppers, I'm eating relatively very well. As for exercise, I started skipping days last week, mostly because I was avoiding cycling. I've never been a fan, but since my ankle is taking it's sweet time to heal I can't do the treadmill. So, I decided that I'm going to take this week off while I'm away to let my ankle rest and hopefully heal completely so that I can go back to gym in full force. I've been missing moving though! Anyway, seeing this monitoring visit to the end tomorrow then flying back home to resume my life as usual.

Friday, October 15, 2010


When I labour to type a post from my phone, then I lose it before posting... Too much. I did well today, despite all odds. Following that disaster with the lost post I don't feel like typing out any more.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Lesson in Perserverance

I got this in a forwarded email from a friend this morning:

Have you ever observed the behaviour of birds in the face of adversity?

For days and days they make their nests, sometimes gathering materials brought from far away.
And when they have completed the nest and are ready to lay eggs, the weather, the work of humans or some animal destroys it, and it falls to the ground - all that they have done with so much effort.

Do they stop?
Bewildered and leave the work?

No way. They start over. building the nest again and again until they have eggs in the nest again.

Sometimes, and very often before the chicks are hatched, an animal, a child, or a storm destroys the nest once again, but this time with its valuable contents.

It hurts to go back to begin again...Even so, the birds do not ever stop. They continue to sing and build, and singing and building.

Do you sometimes get the feeling that your life, or work, or family isnot what you had dreamed? Do you sometimes want to say, 'Enough! The effort is not worthwhile, it is all too much for me'?

Are you tired of it all? Do you feel that the daily struggle is a waste of time, your trust has been betrayed, your goals not realised just as you were about to get there?

Life strikes you down sometimes, but do you go on, say a prayer, put your faith in hope, not darkness? Do not worry if you get injured in the battle, that is to be expected. Gather yourself together, rebuild your life, so that it runs well again.

No matter what happens...Do not shrink, but move forward. Life is a constant challenge, but it is worthwhile to accept it. And never stop singing.

Motivation much?? Definitely. And just at the right time because I've been feeling that I'm letting go just a bit. My evening meals need serious re-evaluation. And I need to revert to my old strength training schedule since the new one is not working - I end up avoiding parts of it - meaning I'm not doing enough.

So, rebuilding and singing.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday blogger

So, it appears I have become a Monday blogger... I post a blog on a Monday, with the intention of posting regularly thereafter. However, time just gets away from and I find myself under pressure to post again the next Monday because if I start going beyond a week without blogging then I might as just stop. Actually, honestly, deep down I just feel like stopping, but I also want to have at least part of story down to reflect on one day in the future.

Anyway, I'm still ok. My foot isn't fully healed yet, so I've been cycling like a mad woman. I would take walking over cycling any day, but since I'm trying to keep as much as possible off of my foot I don't have a choice but to cycle. I then lift, push and pull before heading home. I can feel myself becoming stronger since I've been lifting heavier weights and using higher resistance on the bike though I'm keep pretty much the same speed.

But, oh, my music is quickly becoming stale. My current playlist has been so overused that I seriously need to come up with a new one. Will find a way. Some of the tunes still get me going hard though. I'm sure they're all time favourites that I'll keep even when I make up a new playlist anyway.

News about my son!
He's started sings songs from school, with the rhythm and hand gestures and all. Just too bad we have no idea what he's singing. The poor baby is having such a difficult time becoming fluent. It makes me very sad to see when he tries to say something and I can't understand and he keeps trying until eventually he kind of hangs his head - in shame, sadness, embarassment? It's really sad. I read about it, and really hoped it won't happen to him, but it's here. The best I can do is to pray that his 'tongue unravels' soon and he can talk to his little heart's content.

Oh, weekends and holidays...
Week days are great for healthy eating. I pack my food and that's all I eat. In the evenings, as long as I have my meals prepared ahead of time I'm pretty much good. When I have to cook first I can be trapped into having a little something while I cook, and that can get out of hand pretty fast. But then weekends, and those week days when I don't have to go to work are crazy. You know may be I should start packing my food as though I am going to work and keep to that only all day. But being around the house most of the day really does not help. It's even worse when I have to run errands and meal time or hunger finds me somewhere far from home. It's so easy to fall into temptation when you have to buy a meal. Yesterday was a very serious example of how quickly things can go wrong despite all good intentions at the beginning. The things I ate I hadn't eaten in quite a while and I fell hard onto them. But hey, moving on, today has been great!

Ha ha. I really hope to post again before Monday!

Monday, October 4, 2010

To blog or not to blog

Well, I guess the answer is to blog. But seeing as I'm on my phone and formatting is non-existent, it'll be short. It's been yet another blogless week, yet again totally unintentional. Been busy - song of the season. But really, though I've read my fair share of blogs last week I never had the time to string words together for a post of my own. Anyway, now that I'm here, what do I blog about? My injured ankle that I'm still going to gym in spite of? My bingeing on the mint-peanut butter cookies that my sister made? My pushing through and going to gym though I'm not feeling it because of my absence most of last week? The fact that I'm bench-pressing 7.5 kg dumb-bells unassisted? Yep, there's much to tell, but this post just won't cut it. I'll have a better time telling it all with a proper editor. So till then, this should be better than nothing...