Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The physical part is in the bag

The plan is to move as much as possible and eat sensibly; apparently that is the best formula to a healthy weight. So, that's what I've been striving for.

So an update
About 2 months ago I joined Curves, and have been going very well, except when I absolutely couldn't. The week it was just me and my son at home I went drastic and went to Curves at lunch since I couldn't go in morning or after work. That's how committed I am. Yesterday was another of those days where it was just impossible to go and I was ready to move mountains so I could. Sadly I couldn't go, but I made sure I did some moves at home to at least do something, you know.

Since I registered for a fun walk during a marathon next month, I've decided to add in walk/jog/slog sessions to prepare for that. So lately I've been getting up early and walking rather than going to Curves first thing, then I would hit Curves after work. The plan is to have a minimum of 9 work outs a week, that is 6 Curves sessions and walking on 3 days, or if I miss Curves like I did yesterday, I make up for it with a walk.

So, who's to dispute that the physical part of the weight loss equation has been bagged in these parts??! Not me, coz I know I'm rocking it!

The food/eating side is a work in progress. One day I'll master it too, one day that I'm looking forward to.

Monday, May 16, 2011

State of My Nation

Yesterday I got up extra early to drive 3.5 hours, luckily my mom drove on the homebound trip. Then I went to bed late. And had to get up early again this morning. So, I'm knackered today. But I'm still going to gym after work. Which will be followed by gym tomorrow morning.

Registered for a 4K.
I discovered the world of 5Ks from the fitness blogging community, but for some reason have only been finding 4K fun runs around here (except one time only). So far I've only done 2. I was geared for one this month but it was postponed to next year! But the good news is that I've registered for one on 11th June and I'll be driving about 4 or so hours to get to it. I love adventure, so why not?! So this month I really need to get serious about getting some activity beyond my Curves work outs in preparation for the 4K. I obviously won't be running/jogging/slogging all of it, but I want to run as much as possible.

Last week I baked
2 pans of brownies. One I took to my mom's house, and the other was consumed in my house. Quite a bit by myself. Besides that and the potato wedges (from Nandos) binge on Wed/Thurs I've been eating good food. May be not the best portions, but it's something. At least I'm not gaining. But I'm not losing either, so I have to revisit the food plan and see how to make it more interesting so that I don't stray too much from it. It is the food that's my downfall, as has always been.

May be I need a challenge
I've been thinking about that. Last week I was looking at my picturess from when I did the Missouri Challenge that Tony hosted quite some time ago. It was (and still is) horrifying to see that I looked better in the before pictures than I do now... Somewhere between now and then I just lost track and mostly because I do not have goals and challenges or anything to work towards (except a loose 'I want to lose some weight') I haven't done much for myself. I weigh many many pounds more than when I started blog, even more than when I started this blog which if fairly new compared to my whole blogging history.

So, A challenge
I want to be proud of myself at the marathon next month (of course I'm only doing the 4K). So I want to give my all in preparation for it. So:
  • I'm working out at Curves 6 days each week (except when I'm out of town - like this coming weekend)
  • I'm doing 4K specific training 3 times eack week (walking/jogging/running/slogging/whatever)
  • I'm looking at food plan tonight and sticking to it till the marathon at least.
I'm really praying for strength to accomplish those 3 seemingly simple goals. I know I will be so much better for it. And I will be much happier with myself if I can only do that.

This is me. For me.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I missed Mother's Day...

My indifference to blogging seems to be growing by the day. I even missed posting a Mother's day blog, which I know I would've loved to. Not only in honour of my mom, but also in honour of my grandmother, aunts, friends, and every mother out there. Mothers do the greatest job ever in this world and deserve all the appreciation that can be given. Our kids made us mothers, and for that we appreciate them, but I feel there should be more appreciation from them, for without mothers they have NOTHING. Don't get me wrong, fathers play a big role in raising children, but we all know mothers make the biggest impact ALWAYS.

My Mother's day this year went by quietly. Only phone calls and text messages to wish me a great day, but nothing in the way of a big treat like breakfast in bed or an outing. At least I did get a few hours to just veg out on the couch and watch tv without the boy haggling me for attention. Love him, but sometimes I need some alone time at home. That was that. And this week I'm really experiencing mothering at it's best. It's just me and my son at home! We've managed fairly well and I feel it's something we could get used to and perfect if we had to. For now, my sister comes back today and the load will lessen on me!

Sad. Yesterday, only a couple of days after wishing her mom a happy mother's day, my cousin passed away in a passion killing. Mother to 2 young daughters herself, she met her a untimely death just as she was completing her post-graduate degree and was about to start her grown-up life. I feel so sad especially for her kids and her mom who also lost her brother (my dad) earlier this year. God's plans sometimes are just so heart-breaking it's difficult to understand why... I pray for God to grant my Aunt the strength to get over this most difficult period well and the strength to raise her grandchildren and keep their mother's memory alive.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What to blog about?

...that I'm doing well with gym and food (mostly) and have lost a couple of kilograms?

...that I've confirmed that white home-made (by me) bread is definitely a trigger food?

...that I love rocking the gym, but after being too lazy to get up early to go this morning I feel even lazier to go this afternoon? I'm determined to go though I reaally really don't feel up to it.

...that though I haven't followed my food plan to the tee I've been doing very well. Biggest problem is preparing meals ahead of time, and having to cook my own meals after work, especially on days where I end up going to gym after work.  Working on that.

...that working out is so much harder with Curves Smart than without, and I'm glad because I have motivation to work even harder. No more 'just turning up'. 

...that blogging is really no as exciting as reading other blogs (for me).

...that I will NOT be taking my weight loss journey over to Facebook. If I do it will be on a different account with a different name and my pictures will have to be head-less, at least until I gain the confidence necessary to expose myself to the whole world. Not that I have that many friends.

...that I'm back to being taxi-mom, driving my son back and forth to school everyday. Can't wait till he's old enough to ride in the school bus.

...that Big Brother Africa is here again and I'm loving it as usual??

...that it's hard. But I try. But I get discouraged when I think about how long I have been trying. Then I get encouraged when I think of the progress I could make if I didn't stray so much. But I know I will never quit trying.

Quite a mouthful, huh? Now imagine if I tried to write separate posts about all that. Is it even necessary?/

I do have a lot to talk about, but