Monday, February 28, 2011

Today's Horoscope

I don't know if I believe in horoscopes or not... I'm sort of on the fence. So I read them, yet don't necessarily always believe what I read, because, come on, how many November birthdays do I know, and how can those few words possibly be applicable to the whole lot of us?!

However, quite a few times I come across that just resonates soo very loudly with me, like today's:

Is there something you have been noticing about yourself that you want to improve? It is admirable to want to rid yourself of bad habits, and best of all -- it is always an attainable goal. The key is perseverance! Start turning over that new leaf today, but do not put too much pressure on yourself about overnight perfection. It is not that simple to change ... give yourself plenty of room to fall along the way. Pat yourself on the back as you take that step in a new direction!

Interesting enough? I AM DEFINITELY TAKING THAT ADVICE. Thanks Yahoo!

So, I'm back from my work trip. Ugh, trips and travelling I like, but there's always this 'out-of-routine' vibe that almost always throws me off and on my return I've gained quite a few pounds back, hate that. I weighed casually when I got back, but will not be weighing in officially this week. I'm devoting this week to getting back to where I was before I left, hopefully it'll be enough time. Fingers crossed.

And this evening after work is my first work-out date with my friend. Am I looking forward to it??? The doing-it-together part, hell yes, I need all the motivation I can get. But the activity on the other hand, I think we're biting too much too soon, but I'll go along just so I don't sound like nay-sayer. I know we'll reach a compromise by the end of the day.

Here's to a good week!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This time...

This is a weight-loss blog, or rather, since there’s not much weight-loss going on, it may be more accurate to say this is supposed to be a weight-loss blog. The blog is titled ‘This Time – Health and Fitness will follow’. To an observant or analytical person, it is obvious that thought I want to lose weight more than anything, the primary focus of this blog is NOT weight-loss as in a reduction of the number on the scale.

What am I trying to say?
My intention through this blog, which is not to lose weight, is to engage in a lifestyle that will inherently foster habits that will lead to improved health and fitness, as would be evidenced by weight-loss. Making sense? Therefore, I didn’t (and still don’t) want to set weight-loss goals. I do not want to prescribe how much weight I plan to lose in a certain period of time. I’ve done it before, and failed miserably at it, hence to avoid the discouragement that obviously follows failure I will not state weight-loss goals on this blog. Weight-loss, when it happens will be recorded, and the pace of weight-loss will be the effective result of the changes I end up incorporating into my life.

So far, I have been on and off with the ‘healthier’ lifestyle. I try; sometimes more than others, but also, Life happens. More often than not, my health, or lack thereof, occupies my mind, each choice I make is considered after going through the options and deciding what is best at that time. And what is best may not actually be the best choice for the overall picture, just for that moment in time. So, everyday I make what may be seen as negative or positive choices. Unfortunately, the weight of the negatives choices has proven so far to exceed the weight of the positive choices (pun not intended).

Always planning…
So, what's next? Sure, I can not seem to keep to a plan, so I’m always coming up with another plan. My new plan this time is this – STAY THE COURSE. That is all, simple.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life goes on

I'm back.

It was a hard week. Which was preceded by hard weeks still. My family has gone through so much in 2011 already.

And guess what, I plan to go through a whole lot more, just of the more positive variety. I plan on living more, and going after my goals and having more fun this year. We've been dealt terrible blows so early in the year, and there's nothing more than this to make me appreciate life more, appreciate my family more and appreciate all the resources I have to live a great life as long as I can possibly make it.

So, here's to me, living life. I start by taking care of myself. Right now.

Friday, February 11, 2011


If anyone came here through a link, I'm sure it's coz you thought this is an update about my progress in 2011, or that I'm stating my intentions, etc. I'm sorry to disappoint, both of those are not the bottomline or 'take home' message of this post. It's only February 11th, but I'm here to tell you that 2011 has so far been a painful year. I know I have it within me, and it's up to me to turn make it into a more glorious year. I pray that I do rise up to meet all challenges I face this year, in fact, I declare that I will tame this year and I will finish on top. So far, I've not had any control over my life. The 'events' in my life have left me merely struggling to survive. First my dad passed away on Jan 1st. Any African will tell you that your life is not your own between the death and the funeral. Then the day after the funeral my grand dad was admitted in hospital, and stayed there till he passed on on Feb 6th. I've never driven as much as I hv in the past month. I've never given up control of my life as I did in Jan/Feb 2011. 6 Feb 2011 is a day I've dreaded and prayed will never come till I had no words, but still it came. My FATHER is no more. I'm still not processing it right I'm sure, it's not sinking in well. Wht I know is that my life is not under my own control right now, I'm floating through the days. Merely surviving. I don't have the power to get back the way they used to be. All I can do is promise to take care of myself so that I can at least like to their ages. My dad was a young 55, my grand dad was a very young 80, considering both his parents lived well into their 90. Life's unfair. But I owe it to them to move on, carry forth their legacy, hence I need to take care of myself. So after the funeral it'll be time to take back the reins and start living my life, and striving for a long life. I'm going to face 2011 head on, and I'm making my fathers proud, I know both will be cheering me on.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Blog award!

Apparently Alexia over at Dimple Snatcher and other stories thinks I'm stylish blogger... or perhaps she wants to encourage me to be a stylish, because she awarded me the stylish blogger award. Though I doubt very much that I deserve it, I will accept, because anything else will be plain rude! Thanks Alexia!

The rules for the award are simple:
  • Post and link back to the person who awarded you this award - done 
  • Share 7 things about yourself - I'll get to it just now
  • Award 5 bloggers who have "stylish" blogs  - I'll try
So, here are seven 'things' about me, hopefully they're all new:
  1. I've been blogging since 2008! (even I can't quite believe it, but of course I've changed blogs and took a hiatus or 2 somewhere along the line).
  2. I love working out - it's true!
  3. I love to eat all sorts of food. Our traditional food, western, chinese, indian, mexican, italian, you name it, I'm all over it.
  4. I love reading other people's blogs, but I find blogging to be quite a chore myself. So most of the time I just throw my thoughts out there just as jumbled up as they are, hence the randomness. Wish I could give more time and thought but....whatever.
  5. I love to read, watch movies
  6. If I could afford it I would spend my life travelling.
  7. I love my home, I love my city and I love my country, but I wish I lived elsewhere where life is more convenient. I need more choices!
Finally to award:
 Now, I'm off to notify these ladies of the award and post the button on my blog.

Thanks again Alexia! And here's to a great weekend.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quick Update

Weigh in
Our Tuesday weigh in did not materialize this week due to clashes in our schedules. We use one of my friends' scale as the 'official' scale, which gives me a different reading from my own, so though my scale gave me a weight which is less than last week's I will not record it officially. I'm crossing my fingers that we're able to meet next week.

It's February 3rd, and I have not had one formal work out in 2011! It's been a difficult year so far, and I have not had the time nor energy to exercise, as much as I'd like to. First, my dad passed away on the 1st of January, and I just couldn't summon the will to work out around that time. The funeral was on the 8th. My granddad (maternal) has been unwell for a bit now, and on the 9th of January he was admitted in hospital (mind you, that's the day after the funeral). He's still in hospital now, about 30 - 45 minutes away. So every evening after work I pick up my son from school, drop him off at home and off I go to the hospital. I don't get home till after 9, and often get to bed after 11pm...Maybe I can still exercise if I put my mind to it, but right now I just can't. Please keep my granddad in your prayers.

Other than that I have a lot I want to talk about but can't right now because the evening routine starts now with me leaving work to get the boy home and then it's off to Ramotswa.