Thursday, January 15, 2015

Buying torture - personal trainer

So I've hired a personal trainer. We started working together this Monday and am I ever glad I finally took this step...At some point I convinced myself that I can pick a workout program off of the internet and follow it by myself, so I don't exactly need a personal trainer. But now I know what a huge difference a personal trainer makes --- I have worked this week more than I ever have before in my life! I'm quite sure that my workouts have been more than twice as hard as I've done by myself. So, that was a very good move that I will not soon go back on.

The plan is to workout Monday through Saturday for at least 1 hour in the morning. And coupled with the meal plan he supplied me with, which I intend to follow as closely as possible, I'm quite sure that 'results will follow'!

I decided to forgo Tonys' dietbet and instead put the money towards personal training. I'm more sure of results through personal training than through Dietbet, so for now I won't be dietbetting, except if perhaps there was a local group doing some variation of it.

I also intend to start weighing in on the blog. I do weigh in everyday, I have been for the past several years, not that it has been helpful. So, I will weigh in once a week and from time to time post progress pictures. Yes, progress pictures because I will make progress!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


It's January 7th and I have yet to sit myself down and set myself fitness goals. I really do want to lose weight this year and know that without set goals for activities and diet I will not be losing any weight.

I've been tossing different ideas around, such as talking to some ladies about starting a fitness group, going back on Sparkpeople, etc. Just something to get me some mojo. The current winning idea, which I can still do along with others is to join a Dietbet. I have been on Dietbet before and actually won, before rejoining and losing all my previous winnings. So, I know with the right mindset it is a great tool to push weight loss goals.

So far, I am eyeing Tony's Dietbet which starts tomorrow, January 8th. Actually, I'm deciding right now that I will do it. So, yes, Dietbet!

Still considering a group though...

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Jan 1st, 2015...Dare I try again??

Here's the goals =  no failure. Shameful really. But after so many trials and failures, that is how I feel. Eeven with the new year signalling new beginnings and a chance to try again, I just feel so afraid of yet another failure, another crash.

Yet, I will try again. I can not promise to recommit fully to blogging about this new experience, or to giving any details to what I am doing. But I do know I will periodically come on here to decompress or something like that. I may blog often, I may not, and it is all ok.

Bottom line, the spark is still there. The desire is there. I ask for God's help and guidance through 2015. I pray for myself, for success, even if it is limited. I wish I was more fired up, but this is enough...

Here's to 2015 and new hopes!