Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1st, 2012

So we're 1 of 12 down! Already...

In January 2012, in the healthines front, I;
  • Lost 2.3 kg. 
  • Returned to aerobics when they restarted after the festive season and only missed classes when I absolutely couldn't go, and that's only once before this week.
  • Tried to eat better, but ended up feeling hungry at the end of the day and wanting to snack late at night many days. <-------working on this.
  • Started C25K, though I know I will have to repeat week 1 next week.
Goals for February 2012:
  • Another loss overall, more than Jan.
  • Continue with aerobics.
  • Work more on eating; balance out lunch and supper to avoid late night snacking.
  • Complete 3 weeks of C25K (or however many I can do, in case I have to repeat).
I also have fun goals that I may blog about some time during the month.


  1. Great job for the month of January. Build in snacks, so that you don't feel you're cheating. And find healthy things that fill the "itch" you have- such as popcorn (without much butter) or carrots (they can be pretty sweet!), or a protein shake with half a frozen banana and peanut butter (yum!). I came back from the USA with at least a 2 kg increase, if not more, so that's what I'm working on!

  2. Looks like you did well in January and stuck to what you needed to do, best wishes for February!