Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 1st, 2012

First I'd like to apologise for whatever it is that happened when I tried to post for beginning of March. I just know I posted via my mobile, but then nothing showed up on the blog...
And February had been a good month, with a great loss, and overall things were moving in the right direction. Anyway, that's now in the past.

So, in March 2012, I...
  • Went to Cape Town, South Africa!
    Table Mountain
    My 'little' brother whose graduation we were attending

My mom and other brother

  • I enjoyed Cape Town immensely.... I may share more pictures once my brothers do give me pictures from another day, of course we didn' drive 19 hours each way to spend just one day in Cape Town!
  • But I was on a trip, so naturally things went haywire, and stayed so for more than a week after I got home...
  • So I'm sad to say March did not end well on the healthiness front. I gained weight.
My plans for April 2012
  • Continue with my goal to do something new every month, I already have plans for the next adventure!
  • Do the 4K at the Steinmetz-Gaborone City Marathon, really wish I lived in a place that had more of this kind of activity.
  • Once I have a maid return to aerobics.
More later...this month I will update more than once, I promise.


  1. Ah, I'm glad you got to visit Cape Town. Had you been here before? We should have met up! I like your goal of the race- I always think about it, but never sign up...

  2. It was actually the first time I'd been; loved it and will definitely go back! Driving all the way was a killer, but the scenery is to die for. I did think about meeting up, but then we only had three full days and a tight schedule, so on my next visit definitely.