Monday, November 28, 2011

You think you know...

I know you think you know that my absence from the blog means that I'm drowning under a heap of food and lying on the couch watching tv every night...but you're sooo wrong. Sorry, to say.

Get this --- I will never, ever, ever give up on my healthiness. It's been a long time, and it may be an even longer time before I make any progress to shout about, but I'm not giving up any day soon.

I just haven't been motivated to blog much lately --- or this year in general. Right now I just couldn't be bothered to keep updating with the going ons in my life with regards to my healthy lifestyle or my variation of it. Everyday I make decisions as to the direction of my journey, some good and others not so much. But all in all I have my dreams of a healthy body and mind on the forefront everyday, even if it appears I make more 'bad for me' choices than good ones. But as they say 'one day is one day!'

I'm looking forward to the christmas season. Or rather I'm impatient at how long people are taking to get the xmas spirit going...why can't everyone see we need the xmas cheer in the air right about now and not a week into December?! I already have my tree andther decorations up in my house, but not many people are in that mood yet. Bummer. Anyway, that does not mean anything is changing; I'm still going to go to gym as much as possible and watch my food through the festive season.

I am still vowing to end the year weighing less than I did on January 1st - that's the goal right now, and I'm going for it!

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  1. Spread the cheer and holiday spirit. MAKE them jump on the bandwagon. LOL. Good attitude - never ever give up!