Friday, November 4, 2011

What I know for sure...

Right now, I know that I am happy!

I am doing very well on all fronts:
  • Hitting the gym and though I barely make it to the end of the hectic workouts I know it waaaaaaay better than having stayed home to watch tv or something.
  • I'm doing very very well with my food. I've been my own counsellor and it's working. I've always though that my will power was weak as a worm, but now I know better; it depends on what I want and how much I want it, right now as opposed to long term.
  • I'm doing very well on my secret goals for this month, which I may or may not share at teh end of teh month.
Ok, just those two I'm going to share, but know this, I am happy! It's November after all, my birthday month and the month to count my blessings! And christmas decorations are springing up all over the place, I love me some christmas so I couldn't be happier any time of year than from now and through the festive season.

I think this year I'll introduce a bit of cheer to my office for the season...yes, I will. Why decorate and everything at home and have work be bland. Yeah, it's christmas everywhere this year. Actually, even the car's getting christmas deco ---guess I really am in a good mood!!!


  1. I love "hearing" you so happy!!! Maybe if I read this post over and over some of it will rub off on me :)

  2. So glad to learn that you're feeling more positive and healthy! We really can delude ourselves about our exercise/healthy eating ("I'm exercising enough, I'm eating enough veggies...when we really aren't!) so good job on the self reflection and honesty! yay!