Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 1st, 2012

I can not believe we're in June adn it's winter again. That season....
 Oh well, this year I choose it embrace it and roll with the punches, though I'm down with a cold as we speak...

Anyway, there was May.

May highlights
  • I completed a 13 day food challenge where I followed a pre-prepared menu to the letter. So, this will account for 2 of May's goals - food tracking adn completing a 2 week cleanse.
  • Due to above challenge, I lost 3+ kg! (I then regained some...but what matters more is that in those 2 weeks I saw a change in how my skirts fit).
  • I FINALLY joined a gym! Towards the end of the month, but still, I joined.
That's the good part, and that's enough to nullify any negatives.

So, there'll be June

June goals
Though we're already 5 days into June I still have high hopes for this month. I'm currently sick with a cold and unfortunately haven't made it to gym in the past 4 days and haven't been watching food as much as I was before. But these are my goals,
  • I will continue with gym and complete Krissie's 30 day #sweatstreak though I'm going to be far behind everybody else now.
  • I will complete another 2 week food challenge; I want to try eliminating most carbs from my diet and see what happens. Fingers crossed.
2 is enough for now, no?

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  1. Great job! Real effort always shows real progress and results! It is wonderful that you joined a gym! Try to find something you like there- an exercise machine, a teacher, a friend, and let them be a motivator for going. It really does help. Another motivator can be to make a goal like run 1KM, or lift a certain amount, or go three days in a row. It can help you get yourself there. And if I'm tired, I still go , but I give myself a break- if I'm really tired, I'll just walk on the treadmill. Once there, I might feel more energized and put more effort in, maybe not. Just get there!