Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 1st, 2012: Still Alive

Oops! I wouldn't blame anyone who thought I keeled over and died from an overindulgence-induced heart-attack or something...I've been gone too long. I have neglected this blog so much I'm even beginning to wonder myself if I need to keep it at all...

Buttttt, believe it or not, I've been doing well. Sure, ok, June wasn't my best month, but I did most things that I said I would do --- you know, goals achieved. I just didn't get that most desired goal - weight loss on the scale. I gained a kg instead. But that is NOT the reason I did not do a July 1st update; I just forgot about it until it was too late into the month.

July was much better. But as usual, I can always do a lot better. The 'take - home' message though is that I have lost weight, just not enough to shout about. Most important - I am proud that I am establishing some good habits and know that very soon I will not even have to think about what I'm doing. Yeah, I know I can be kind of vague, but I'm just not in a mood to share much.

To make the post a little interesting, I've decided to steal this off of  Frankly, Fatso to share:

Current books: Ever since I had my son I haven't been reading as much as I used to - I'm more into newspapers and magazine than books now. I still read novels, though it takes forever to finish one. I also want to start some serious reading, I've realized that I'm losing everything I learned and I need it if I want to continue being relevant.
Current music: Whatever is on the radio when I'm driving, or whatever is playing overhead at the gym.
Current guilty pleasure: TV - I think I watch too much TV.
Current color: Winter fo rsome reason = dark clothes in my wardrobe. On any given day for the past three months or so I've been wearing blacks, greys and browns.
Current drink: Water and coffee with creamer. Lots of water, but only one cup of coffee a day.

Current food: Butternut squash and cabbage. My meals have had either or both of these two for the past 2 weeks. I am trying very hard to limit my carbs from what they used to be by substituting butternut squash for starches in my meals. Bread. I crave bread like a crazy woman, but I'm determined to reduce it to very minimal in my diet.

Current favorite show: Generations! A South African soapie. I know most people think it's just trash, but it's teh one TV show I would keep watching if I stopped watching TV. I also watch Big Brother Africa whenever I can - this wasn't the most exciting season, but as this is the final week i can't help being excited.

Current wish list: Warmer temperatures
Current needs: Shoes for this weather. My feet are just not shaped for pumps or flats or any kind of nice shoes that you'd wear when it's not cold cold to wear boots, but not warm enough to wear sandals.
Current triumphs: Drastically reducing the amount of carbs, especially bread, that I eat on a daily basis. That is huge for me, huge, and something I never thought I could do consistently for more than 2 days.
Current bane of my existence: Bathroom trips - all that water!
Current celebrity crush: I had to think about this, and I don't even know his real name - Lungile Mabena from Generations.

Current indulgence: Sleeping in till 6am.
Current blessing: Having a maid - I can go to gym or wherever when I need to without worrying about my son.
Current outfit: Skirt --- not sure of the name of this colour, very dark tan?? black cowl necked short sleeved sweater, with a black shirt, black shoes.
Current excitement: ?? I'm feeling a bit low right now, so perhaps the weekend?
Current mood: Low, nervous about my presentation on Friday that I actually should be using this time to prepare for!

I've been really bust lately, so I've been using social media to 'vent', hence even forgetting to blog. However, I will keep this plan and once in while jump on and share what I've been up to and how I'm doing with the weight/healthiness business.


  1. Ah- I missed you! So glad you're still thinking of keeping the blog. I'm also glad to learn more about you- maybe I'll do this meme soon. I wish I had a maid (it seems like everyone I know here has one), I really am the worst cleaner. Like I literally just cleaned the toilet for the first time in over a month. Shameful! Keep up the healthy food choices!

  2. Hey! I tried going over to your blog sometime ago but I couldn't get through for some reason, I think it said I had to log in or something like that...but I see that you're back and have been around actually! So, I'll make time to read and comment.
    Oh, I couldn't live without a maid, the times that we are without one are very very difficult and I wonder how the people who don't have maids do it! I salute you all!

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  4. Hey Karen! I really should check out your blog, I know what you're up to wrt lunches via FB though.
    I'm sure Jenny doesn't mind 'swiping' her meme...