Thursday, July 3, 2014

I try...sometimes I fall

I can safely say my cold/cough has finally cleared out and I'm ready to start 'treadmilling' again. I haven't been doing anything for exercise for about 3 weeks now :(

Foodwise, I've been trying. Like literally trying, because I do not have a set plan, just an idea of what I want to achieve which I loosely stick to and am easily diverted from due to lack of a more strict plan. Which is why I sometimes fail. I have found myself in teh middle of a meal that should have been a no no, either because of content or amount. Totally wrong food or a second serving.

So, I need to sit with myself and decide exactly how I will eat, what, when and how much. This has been the biggest problem for me my whole life. I just have never been able to stick to a plan. The longest ever was 2 weeks, and during that 2 weeks I saw changes that could have multiplied and brought a real change had I followed through for longer, but alas...

So, yeah, no reason not to workout anymore, and to make and stick to that plan...


  1. Omigoodness! You're BACK!!!! I never look at the blog reader thingie at the bottom of my blogger main page and then tonight for some whack reason I took a glance and saw a new post went up from Miss E. YAY! I'm going to go poke around and see what you've been up to! (I'm currently over at ... )

  2. Hi Karen! Long time! Goodness, I haven't done much to make me any different from when I was last active on the blog...just trying to get back some mojo, but still struggling. I'm going over to check out yours now!