Wednesday, January 7, 2015


It's January 7th and I have yet to sit myself down and set myself fitness goals. I really do want to lose weight this year and know that without set goals for activities and diet I will not be losing any weight.

I've been tossing different ideas around, such as talking to some ladies about starting a fitness group, going back on Sparkpeople, etc. Just something to get me some mojo. The current winning idea, which I can still do along with others is to join a Dietbet. I have been on Dietbet before and actually won, before rejoining and losing all my previous winnings. So, I know with the right mindset it is a great tool to push weight loss goals.

So far, I am eyeing Tony's Dietbet which starts tomorrow, January 8th. Actually, I'm deciding right now that I will do it. So, yes, Dietbet!

Still considering a group though...

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