Thursday, January 1, 2015

Jan 1st, 2015...Dare I try again??

Here's the goals =  no failure. Shameful really. But after so many trials and failures, that is how I feel. Eeven with the new year signalling new beginnings and a chance to try again, I just feel so afraid of yet another failure, another crash.

Yet, I will try again. I can not promise to recommit fully to blogging about this new experience, or to giving any details to what I am doing. But I do know I will periodically come on here to decompress or something like that. I may blog often, I may not, and it is all ok.

Bottom line, the spark is still there. The desire is there. I ask for God's help and guidance through 2015. I pray for myself, for success, even if it is limited. I wish I was more fired up, but this is enough...

Here's to 2015 and new hopes!

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