Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What will it take?

This is the grand question...why do I want to lose weight???
What motivates me to even want to lose weight?
Why haven't I lost weight already?
What would be enough motivation to make me get serious about weight loss?

There are so many, so many reasons why I should want to lose weight. Why I should be losing weight. Why I should be working harder on weight loss. Why I should have already lost weight.
From very serious reasons to plain vanity, but I'm still not motivated enough to lose this mentality of starting again tomorrow, on Monday, or just not today or right now.

What will it take??? When will that be?

I found myself bargaining with myself the other day, that if by the year I turn 40, which is quite near actually, if I haven't lost weight, then I will get some form of bariatric surgery. This just shows how much or rather how little to no motivation I have to lose weight right now.

Though my heart of hearts wants it so much...

This life.

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