Thursday, November 15, 2012


On September 1st, 2012 I published a post to say I won't be posting as much, but I spend more time on Twitter and FB. And I left my FB and Twitter names. Big Mistake.

Even though I wrote and published my blogs for everyone to read, I've never been comfortable with the idea of people that know me reading my posts. So, now my mistake on Sep 1st meant anyone who does a search of name, can immediately find this blog!

I immediately took down the post in the hope that it would not show up on Google searches etc., however, people could still maek it to the blog.

Ya. I'm me. I tried to ignore the fact that people I know may be reading and even tried to convince myself that it doesn't matter. But noooo, I am too private to write about such an issue as weight loss and be fine with any and everyone reading it.

I just wish that Blogger had a way to allow blog readers to continue reading without having to enter their contact info one by one. Also, I wish Blogger could leave my email address for those that would like to have access to email me requestign it.

Oh well. So this is this. I've finally gone private. And hopefully I'll now be able to write freely and much more often. Knowing I am writing for myself and am not being judged, especially by people that I do not know are reading.

But, my hope, my dream is that one day I will actually make headway with this journey. That one day I will look back at my posts and be able to see a trail of how I could to that marvellous place I will be at. If, or rather when, that day comes, I will seriously consider opening up this blog for anyone to read. Afterall, people will be reading about how I made it, rather than everyday wondering what is wrong with me that I've been blogging for weight loss/fitness for so long and yet have not made any progress at all...

Here's to the future!

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