Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I'm away on a work trip since yesterday, going back home tomorrow, just on time to surprise my mom on her birthday - I told them all I'll be back Friday, and I have a very cool surprise lined up. As for me, I wrote that I can feel myself slipping in that post that I lost last week. My food intake had taken a wrong turn and I was eating more and more, also more of the unhealthy stuff. Now on this work trip I've planned out my meals such that despite hotel buffet breakfast and take out lunches and suppers, I'm eating relatively very well. As for exercise, I started skipping days last week, mostly because I was avoiding cycling. I've never been a fan, but since my ankle is taking it's sweet time to heal I can't do the treadmill. So, I decided that I'm going to take this week off while I'm away to let my ankle rest and hopefully heal completely so that I can go back to gym in full force. I've been missing moving though! Anyway, seeing this monitoring visit to the end tomorrow then flying back home to resume my life as usual.

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