Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday blogger

So, it appears I have become a Monday blogger... I post a blog on a Monday, with the intention of posting regularly thereafter. However, time just gets away from and I find myself under pressure to post again the next Monday because if I start going beyond a week without blogging then I might as just stop. Actually, honestly, deep down I just feel like stopping, but I also want to have at least part of story down to reflect on one day in the future.

Anyway, I'm still ok. My foot isn't fully healed yet, so I've been cycling like a mad woman. I would take walking over cycling any day, but since I'm trying to keep as much as possible off of my foot I don't have a choice but to cycle. I then lift, push and pull before heading home. I can feel myself becoming stronger since I've been lifting heavier weights and using higher resistance on the bike though I'm keep pretty much the same speed.

But, oh, my music is quickly becoming stale. My current playlist has been so overused that I seriously need to come up with a new one. Will find a way. Some of the tunes still get me going hard though. I'm sure they're all time favourites that I'll keep even when I make up a new playlist anyway.

News about my son!
He's started sings songs from school, with the rhythm and hand gestures and all. Just too bad we have no idea what he's singing. The poor baby is having such a difficult time becoming fluent. It makes me very sad to see when he tries to say something and I can't understand and he keeps trying until eventually he kind of hangs his head - in shame, sadness, embarassment? It's really sad. I read about it, and really hoped it won't happen to him, but it's here. The best I can do is to pray that his 'tongue unravels' soon and he can talk to his little heart's content.

Oh, weekends and holidays...
Week days are great for healthy eating. I pack my food and that's all I eat. In the evenings, as long as I have my meals prepared ahead of time I'm pretty much good. When I have to cook first I can be trapped into having a little something while I cook, and that can get out of hand pretty fast. But then weekends, and those week days when I don't have to go to work are crazy. You know may be I should start packing my food as though I am going to work and keep to that only all day. But being around the house most of the day really does not help. It's even worse when I have to run errands and meal time or hunger finds me somewhere far from home. It's so easy to fall into temptation when you have to buy a meal. Yesterday was a very serious example of how quickly things can go wrong despite all good intentions at the beginning. The things I ate I hadn't eaten in quite a while and I fell hard onto them. But hey, moving on, today has been great!

Ha ha. I really hope to post again before Monday!

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