Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Productive day

I've always wished I could take my 'weekends' off during the work week. It is annoying that you have to take annual leave hours to do anything of a personal nature during the week, considering that we have so few of them and that that's the only time you can access most services. That is why I'm so thankful that I get to benefit from American holidays; I get to run all those errands that I can't do on normal days without cost.

1st Holiday of the year
Yesterday was terrrific, I was the most productive on a holiday I have been in a while.
Usually on holidays I take the chance to sleep in, on a week day! But yesterday I got bright and early and took off with a long list of errands for the day. And as luck would have it, most took way less time than I expected, and I suppose I have to thank the fact that it's mid-January for that. I got my car registration done, did my banking, dealt with the guys doing customs clearance for me for a purchase I made in South Africa, made an insurance claim for my cracked windscreen, visitd my son's new school and paid the school fees, etc.

Yet I have so much more to do. Can't wait for the next holiday, plus do I love that we get half-day Fridays?!

Weigh in today
Today we have our first week's weigh in. We did the initial weigh ins last Tuesday, and I weighed more than I wanted to - if you know what I mean. However, I did not make a solid plan for the week, I just had a rough idea of how I was going to handle things, that is, food. But obviously that meant I was susceptible to picking the wrong things, the wrong amounts, at the wrong time. Yep. So, I'm not at all sure if this week I'll register a loss, but I hope to have lost at least a fraction of a kilogram, because otherwise it's double penalty for a gain! I have a plan though, which though I still have to polish up I did half the time last week but not at all during the weekend. Must work on it.

So, here's to a decent weigh in - meaning a non-gain weigh in...

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