Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The tale of the first P25

Week 1 weigh in was yesterday. I'll confess that I didn't really do much to earn a significant loss last week, and so all I was hoping for was anything but a gain. I would have been simply happy to have maintained my 116.4kg (according to my friend's scale that we're using for the weigh ins) - my scale gives lower reading by a whole 1.4kg.
Anyway, 3 out of 4 of us showed up for the weigh, one phoned in a gain, and the last person may not be participating. So I was very scared that I'd register a gain so I let the two girls go first and they had both lost! Then it was my turn.....(drum roll)..... a loss! Albeit a mere 0.6 kg, but hey, that's a pound and a third! So, though I had to turn in my P25, rather than receive two, I was chuffed that I didn't have to pay P50.

So, yeah, that's how the P25 went. I then went home and made myself some chicken and vegetable cobbler, love. The plan is to indulge myself on Tuesdays after the weigh in, but then get serious from Weds till the next weigh.

I want next week's P75!

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