Thursday, January 27, 2011

Queen of the week

Despite my fears that I'll be losing yet another P25 this week, I didn't!! I actually ended up arriving later than usual and one of the girls had already left, and since I had told them I might have gained she had already claimed the other girl's P25 and I was to hand mine over. But alas, with my 1.8kg (3.9lbs) loss this week, she now owes me P50! I'm the week's biggest loser! Hurray!!!

Anyways, it wasn't and it's not smooth sailing. Why, oh why, is is so easy to change my mind and eat something that's not on the day's plan? Why is it so easy to eat more than enough? Why is it so much easier to sleep in that to force myself to get up and get some activity in in the morning? Why, why, why?

I start everyday with good intentions, but not much later I find myself drifting from the plan. And guess what? It's easier to keep drifting off than to rein myself in and do the right thing immediately. Case in point, I found myself mindlessly eating banana chips after lunch, but instead of stopping right then I told myself I'll do better the rest of the day as I finished them off! I know what I want, I know what I should do to get what I want, but Dear Lord, is it ever hard to stay the course?

Choice after choice is what matters, and as long as I make more of the right choices than wrong ones I know I'll make progress, no matter how slow. Just keep making choice after choice count, one bad choice should be followed by several good ones, no 2 bad choices in a row. Does this make any sense? It does to me, and that's what I'm aiming for.


  1. mmm, i haven't had banana chips in too long!! and thanks for stopping by my blog :))) for me, i try to drop mistakes at the door and put my effort into making a smarter one next time.