Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm ok

It was touch-and-go for a bit early this week. I found myself in the emergency room at 3am - I still have no idea what it was my body had reacted so violently to. I could have sworn I am not allergic to anything at all until Sunday night, but now I'm not so sure. Well, I'm fine now. So is my son who also went through a rough patch Tuesday and Wednesday. Glad that's resolved.

I have been missing out! And wow, finally something to get me to get up early in the morning every morning. Talk about commitment... I'm enjoying Curves way more than I thought I ever would, and though I wish I could go more than once a day if I wanted, I still get a good work out while I'm there and I sweat up a storm every time.  I like that you get to 'customize' the work out to your level, you work out as hard or as light as you want. But of course since I'm on a mission here, I'm trying to work as hard as I can and I sweat big time. The music helps since it's ever so upbeat. What else do I like, the constant attention. Knowing that there's someone watching your form adn advising you if you're not doing something right is a great comfort to me, because I know chances of injuries are quite low. At this rate, the feeling is that at the end of the six week I'll be signing up again.

Hard hard hard
...... This is hard. Food is my downfall in this weight loss journey. You know, if food did not form part of the weight loss equation, I would have reached my goal ages ago. I do well with exercise. I love to work out. Of course there are times that I'm just not as committed, but I feel I'm do ok on that front.
But fooooood. Eating. I eat for all sorts of reasons and I eat all sorts of food. I'm hungry, I eat - and that's ok, but only if I eat just enough to curb my hunger. I eat when I'm not hungry - why? Boredom, happiness, sadness, anxiety, nervousness. And how does food help? I have absolutely no idea. All I know if that chips, pizza, bread, cake, biscuits, meat, meat and meat, etc. will never solve any of my problems, or get me closer to any goal at all. So I'm fighting, I'm fighting with food. Food wins most of the time, but one of these days I will win. I just need a good plan. That's what I will do, find a plan that works and work it.

Because, really, how long has it been? I need to win this. I'm not giving up any time soon, or any time at all for that matter. The current plan is consistency, keep on keeping on, and eventually I know, it will work out. But I will still do more.


  1. You have to hang in there! We all have patches where the food wins. I don't care how much self-control one has it happens to everyone. You have to just stick with it and know that tomorrow is a new day. Each day takes work but work that has a huge payoff in the end! A healthier more active you!!

  2. I know, hey Brigitte, everyday we get to start over! In fact every meal we get to make better choices. I know 'one day is one day', I'll get there.