Monday, April 4, 2011

Acknowledge and move forward...

We're a quarter of the year into 2011. And only now things are starting to somewhat have a rountine. There's been too much happening, including too much travelling since the beginning of the year, but now thinsg are settling down and I should have more control over my life! Can someone say finally!!

So, yeah, this is the time to acknowledge that I haven't done well so far this year, and move on. Because, what will beating myself up, regrets, etc. give me? Nothing, or if anything it'll make me feel bad and do even worse.

I've had some positives though...I've done Curves religiously since March 11. I've gone every single day it's been open except 2 days I missed with a swollen ankle and last Thursday when  I was just so out of it I couldn't even make myself just go. What's more, most of the days I've gone early in the morning before work! Yay me!

However, today I'm going and I'm reviewing my previous eating plans to determine how I'm moving forward.

I'll be living my life from now on, this just taking whatever the day brings has come to an end. My new motto is 'Live Your Life!' I'm doing it. And guess what? Health and Fitness Will Follow!

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  1. I came across on your blog today. I read your blog and knew something about health and fitness. Keep in touch.