Thursday, November 22, 2012

I'm eating so much food!

Odd title for a post on a weight loss/heathiness blog!

But yes, I have devised an eating plan that allows me to eat a whole lot of food, so much so that sometimes when it's time for a meal I still feel full from the previous meal!

BUT...I am losing weight! Ok, I'm not dropping pounds and pounds at once, but I am a happy with the steady rate at which I'm losing. So, now all I have to do is stay consistent and keep doing the same thing over and over until the little progress adds up to major progress. Just that thought excites me.

As mentioned before, I decided not to go Weigh-Less strict, but somewhat fashion my eating plan around their plan. So, basically I'm eating 5 times per day. 5 times seeems exccessive, and you wouldn't expect to lose weight especially looking at the amount of food. But I've been losing, so I am sticking with it.

The plan focuses on balancing my nutrients and staying nourished and hydrated all day. No chance of sugar rushes and lows. The food groups are broken down into Complex Carbs, Proteins, Fruit, Fat, Vegetables and Milk. I have a guide that tells me how much is a serving of each type of food, then I have a guide to say how many servings of food to have at each meal.

At first I tried to follow the Weigh-Less menus to the letter. Preparing each meal following the various menus proposed, but found that I had to dig deep to afford the menus as they are. So, I looked at the food groups and chose cheaper foods from each group and that's what I'm focusing on.

This is how the eating plan goes:
Breakfast: 1 CC + 1 Milk
Mid-Morning: I Fruit + 1 Milk
Lunch: 2 CC + 1 Protein + 1 Fat + 1 - 3 Veg (I think)
Early Afternoon: 1 Fruit
Late Afternoon: 1 CC + 0.5 Protein
Supper: 1 CC + 1.5 Protein + 2 Fat + 2 - 4 Veg

So, honestly, looking the serving sizes, there is plenty to eat, and rather than feeling hungry sometimes, I feel too full most of the time. The best thing is that I'm still losing weight.

There are times when I wonder if eating a bit less food would make me lose faster. However, I think about how long it's been that I've made up my own eating plans and they have never worked for any amount time. At least with this I'm following a plan that's worked for many many people. I hope my substitutions do not ruin for me though.

So yeah, consistence. I just have to keep doing this everyday and plan for eventualities that I have to eat out and I should finally see some progress.

This time, I'm going to follow through.

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