Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 2 - The plan

So I've managed to stick to the plan for 2 days (though we still have a few hours yet). Today was a bit different from yesterday though - I wasn't as full and I found myself wanting more food.

The plan for this week (re-balancing) gives a summary of what to eat - complex carbohydrates, protein, fat, veg, fruit, then goes further to suggest 2/3 options for each meal. Which by the way there are 6 of - breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, early afternoon snack, late afternoon snack and finally, dinner. The options I picked yesterday definitely had more volume than todays, so I think save for what I have pre-prepared, I'll be making my meals from Monday's rather than today's choices.

I like that it's so easy. They start you out easy with recipes to go along with the food type and quantities for each meal. And then a few weeks in as you get the hang of it they start supplying just food lists and quantities of each food types to eat. The hard work will start then I'm sure; when I have to figure out what meals to make from just a list of ingredients. But I know I'll have fun with it!

So far, I know it's only Day 2, I'm feeling quite motivated to keep doing this. There have been times (already!) when I've thought I want this or that, or that we should go out to eat at ..... on .......... then remembering that I can't eat whatever I want just yet. The beauty of this plan is that I'm having normal enjoyable food, so no complaints there, yet. So, even as I remember I can't just go out to eat or get some take away, I'm not frustrated or discouraged as I know I still enjoy what I'm eating!

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