Monday, May 24, 2010

So here we are...

Day 1. Week 1. Yet again.

I've been on a weight-loss journey for a long long time. Restarting every other week; losing and regaining. So, this journey hasn't taken me anywhere (yet). Actually, it has taken me back further than where I started. I started blogging in 2008, weighing in at 250 lbs. Today, at 7 am, I weighed in at 255.8 lbs. Despite all that I've been through.

Looking back at my journey, I realized that what I lacked was commitment. I wanted to lose weight but I wasn't committed enough. I made and changed plans several times a day, and could never stick with a plan long enough, even when it seemed to be working. And this was because it was all up to me. I made the plan so I could change it as I saw fit.

So now I've decided that I need help. I need to follow a plan that has worked for others and that I can not just change to suit my distractions. I've read about Weigh-Less and have even been buying the magazine consistently since last year and thought the plan could help me. It is a Weight Watchers kind of program with meal plans and a weekly meeting/weigh-in. After months of chasing them to find a group (which to my disappointment there isn't any in the area still), I finally found out they were piloting an on-line program, and as I'm typing this I'm one of their guinea-pigs!

Today I took my official beginning weigh-in, prepared the meals for the day and hauled everything here with me (it's a lot of food). Apparently the first 2 weeks are for 're-balancing', so I don't know if I'll always have so much to eat, but I've been stuffed today and found that it was time to eat again before I was hungry. I will explain the plan in another post.

Anyway. I'm here now. Starting again. With every intention to stay on plan, until I reach my target fitness and healthiness range. And I have to admit, my target weight as well. I know I'm chasing health and fitness, which weight is definitely a larget part of right now. So, if it seems I'm too focused on weight, it may be because I accept that I can't reach the level of fitness that I desire while I carry the weight that I am carrying now.

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