Monday, May 31, 2010

Weigh in

I'm here to announce that the unbelievable has happened, TO ME. In my first week on Weigh Less I have lost (drum roll........)

I have never ever lost that amount of weight in a week; actually, during the whole month of January when I thought I did very well I only lost 6 pounds! I'm sooo proud of myself for sticking with the plan and seeing such a loss. I know it may be argued that all I lost was water since I just started, but the fact remains that the mass on my body today is all of 5 pounds less than 7 days ago.

Despite that loss, the weekend didn't go as planned, plan wise. Social events always derail me, and it was no different this weekend. In fact on both Saturday and Sunday I had meals prepared by other people, who had no idea that I was trying to lose weight, and even if they did, it was for a large crowd, so I don't think they would have made any provisions just for me. However, I'm proud to say that the only way I went wrong was to eat food outside my plan, but I kept the quantities (serves - WL language) right. I kind of made substitutions, in that where as gem squash is not currently included in the plan, I ate it but making sure it's only as much as the amount of  butternut squash I would eat, e.t.c. And really, if the off plan items I ate were squash, spinach and other greens, what can go wrong right? So, I think the weekend was a win - the numbers speak for me anyway.

I did make the visit to Curves this morning. Let me just say the reasons I'm joining is because I really want to start working out in a more organized way, and that the Curves is actually the closest gym to my new place (starting this weekend) and it's a female only gym. If it was a matter of just going and interacting with the stuff to check out the place I wouldn't have joined! I understand that it's their procedures, but apparently the staff follow a script and the way they carry out their consultation is so rehearsed and just leaves one (me) feeling undermined. It ended up being that I changed the people I was working with because the 1st girl was too much for me. It was at this part that I had really had it and decided I couldn't take it anymore:

Girl: So have you ever made any attempt to lose weight before?
Me: Yes
Girl: What did you do:
Me: I exercised
(etc. etc. like how much did you lose, did you gain back)Then:
Girl: Do you exercise at all
Me: Sometimes
Girl: Why do you exercise?
Me: Seriously?? 
And I proceeded to tell her what  think. So she asked somebody else to come and assist me. Anyway, I intend to join next week after we move.

Otherwise I'm pleased with my progress and am doing everything I can to stay on plan. I'm packing my food every time I leave the house just in case I get delayed somewhere.

So, here's to another great week on plan.

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