Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm a contradiction

I like nice plain things, nice straight lines with little to no colour; but then again I love colour, and shapes and flowers, etc. Case in point - I loved the way my blog looked when I first set it up, nice greys and blacks, but I'm LOVING my blog right now! Am I the only one who loves the colour?! I think I have the best looking blog on the blog, lol. 

Dark vs. Bright
Actually even my house is a contradiction. Nice simple furniture, dark mostly. But one of my couches is bright green, with green/orange-striped cushions, the rug has brown, cream and orange and a couple of small paintings  are mostly orange. Who am I? I also like plain clothes, darks mostly. I so I think. But just open my closet - there's every colour under the sky in there, even too much colour! Bright yellow, oranges, blue, turqouises, purples, reds, greens, etc. in different shades and prints too. And what's weird, I wear all of them! Contradiction indeed. May be one day I'll share pictures.

Today's lunch
One of my lunch options consists of bread and tuna with a salad. Today I decided I wanted steamed vegs in place of the raw salad. Now, this lunch option is definitely larger (volume) than the other option I've made for the last 2 days. I was pleased to sit down with it, because I do love my food and at this point I'm trying to get as much volume as possible from the daily meal options -- something I hope will change as I get used to the plan and portion sizes. Anyway, I had a ball with the lunch; I never knew tuna was so great dressed with light italian salad dressing - I will never put mayo on my tuna again! When I finished I was stuffed full. And I was happy that I when I finished eating and I did feel like I wanted more food. But a few minutes later I was feeling so uncomfortable from being so full.

So tell me, do I like being full or not? I do, because in all honesty I've lived for it, I've been known to stuff myself beyond full very often with all sorts of food, even stuff I don't necessarily enjoy. But here I am feeling uncomfortable from fullness.

It's only been a few days but I hope that this is the beginning of improvement in that area. Not so much a contradiction but progress.

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