Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I fell!

So the other day I met up with a group of my girlfriends, 4 of them being new mothers (all babies under 9 months old). Obviously the topic of baby weight came up at some point. I have to admit, child-bearing is such a nasty thing when it comes to weight issues; all these girls, though having been pretty little things before the babies now all need to lose a considerable amount of weight! Ugh.

I found out that 2 of them had started doing aerobics at a military gym --- well, a gym in a military camp about 15 minutes drive away from my house. They spoke of the intensity, etc. and one was saying how she ran away because it was all too much for her. But me being hardcore me, that didn't scare and I wanted to see for myself. And at only 20 bucks a month (less than a tenth of what I would pay at the gym I've been intending to join next week) I couldn't pass it up. I decided I would try it and if it doesn't work then I would go to the original gym.

So, yesterday another friend and I decided to go. Oh, was it intense!!! Unfortunately I missed the beginning of the class, and when I walked in they were really moving. Then we stopped and people dispersed...I was surprised because I heard the classes were 1 hour long, but I thought there was a chance it was over because I WAS TIRED! But nope, that was just the warm up!!! Lol. But guess what, I stuck it out. I stayed for the whoel class though I was just dragging myself towards the end.

Then the cool down/stretching part came and we had to pair up. Luckily I ended up pairing with someone I was comfortable with, size-wise. But it was hard for us to find balance during the stretches. At one point we were each holding each other's leg up, and when we could stand up straight I let her go so we could start over, but she wouldn't let my leg go! I repeatedly asked her to let go but she raised my leg even higher, till I fell on my bum. Stupid woman.

So that was my first day there. But, I wasn't one bit embarassed! I'm not ashamed to go back, and if it wasn't that I'm feeling so tired from the work out adn late night yesterday I would go back today. But I'll skip and go tomorrow.

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  1. So glad that you found a gym you felt comfortable in! The intensity will get easier with time (you;ll know if you need water, or a snack before, what shoes to wear, your fitness will improve, etc).