Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Monday

Just can't be bothered to work up a title...
What ever happened to September?
I know it's been a busy month but to think there are only 4 more days and we'll be onto the last quarter of 2011 feels seriously ridiculous. Some say it's a sign of aging... Oh well.

So, what's up for the last quater of the year?
- Definitely going back to gym as soon as I'm back from long weekend!

That's about all I can honestly commit to at the moment. Everything else has loose plans that may or may not stick. I'll update as everything works out.

 The weekend was ok, but Sunday I had a hangover, first time I ever felt like that. Didn't want to do anything after the cake delivery early in the afternoon. I just vegged out for the rest of the day...

Now it's Monday and I'm back at work. And as usually happens, I'm trying something which I hope may soon be made into a routine. Lol. Hope it amounts to something this tiem because I badly need it.

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