Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spring has sprung!

So goes my ' blog bling'. I started using this template waaaayy before spring, because I was just sick and tired and was longing for spring. But now...Spring really has sprung! It is nice and warm and I'm confident that it's going to stay this way and get warmer. It's unfortunate that it will get reaaaaally hot in a couple of weeks, or less. Still prefer warm to cold weather though :)

So, it was winter. First  I stopped walking outside because it was too dark in the morning  - but I also pretended I didn't have a treadmill, kind of - I didn't use it after all. Then I stopped going to the gym when I was not well for a couple of weeks - but two weeks ran into 2 months. Then I just threw caution to the wind and kind of forgot everything about being healthy - Eating when I want and not working out at all. Then I started a liquid diet - which lasted 2 weeks, but gave visible results in that short period! But then, I lost and here I am.

That was August. Very short. Busy. No way to really define it in terms of my health. My highest was on the 2nd of August, my lowest on the 15th or so. But of course the month is ending at a higher weight than my lowest. Though I'm happy to say I lost 5+ pounds this month, I can't say I feel any healthier than I did at the beginning of the month.

So I want September to be different - I want to end it healthier than today. I'm travelling 3 weekends in September, and my cake business is really picking up. But I'm going to really really try to work around these and any other obstacles and come out on the other side prouder of myself than I am today.

So, here's to September:
- Continue morning walks started on Monday
- Make a plan to return to gym
- Taste the cakes - this is improtant - but do not eat all the off cuts
- Bake for business, but if needed for the family make it healthy.
- Continue the breakfast and luch plans
- Seriously look at and plan dinners.

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