Friday, April 29, 2011

Blogging, Being Well, and Winter

I think I like reading others blogs so much more than I like writing one.....? Yeah, that would explain my absence from blogging so much. I've contemplated shutting the blog down, but I can't bring myself to do it and I think if I do I will definitely then start missing blogging, unlike when I know I can blog whenever I want. So, I'll keep the blog and update as much as I feel like.

I've been well and good. Gym every morning, with a bit of extra exercise some days. Food has been good too. I finally have a plan to follow, and though I've had to deviate a couple of times, it's been for fairly valid reasons and no, I did not choose unhealthier food over what's on the plan, just something different and/or more convenient. Obviously it may take a couple of weeks to remove all the kinks and have a solid weekly plan that I intend to follow for at least a month, and if it works then stick with it for longer, otherwise re-do and review in another month.

So far so good, and I've even seen a loss on the scale already. Yes, I weigh myself every morning (and sometimes evenings too).

Winter is here (though practically it's still autumn)
And I still hate it. I have decided that this year I'll wear pants if I can find some that I like. Preferably linen jeans and that sort of thing. I also need a couple of hoodies for gym and a couple of long-sleeved Ts to wear underneath my sweaters. Other than that, we're done with winter-shopping already in my house! For someone who hates winter I embraced and am happy with the shopping this year. The boy had outgrown all his winter clothes from last year! I had to do it early before all the nice things were gone. Hopefully i won't be seeing any nicer things - better avoid the clothing stores!

Another long weekend! So happy. Have a good one!

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