Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I went

I did go to Curves yesterday. The work-out is only 30 minutes long, and you determine how hard you want to work. I worked hard during that 30 minutes, I sweated up a storm and left very glad I went.

Then... I went again this morning! And rocked it yet again. I love that it's a mere 30 minutes yet I feel like I have done a lot when I leave. I love that I get to work out my whole body by just going around the circuit and that I get my cardio and resistance training all in one session. I just hope as I get more and more used to it it won't lose its lustre.

I'm still struggling with the food issues. Yesterday was ok though I thought I might struggle more because of that little mishap. I dealt ok, but honestly, I 'm still not pleased and still feel really resentful. I'll get over it.

In the mean time, it's all about me for me!

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