Thursday, April 7, 2011

The food issue

I get up by 5.30am most morning so I can make it to gym before work. I work out hard, I sweat a lot, probably more because of how out of shape I am than how hard I work out. But I still do a great job of it. I wish I had a heart rate monitor to tell me exactly how well I'm doing, or not. But still, I know it's enough to shave off enough calories for me to lose at least a tiny bit every week. Alas, there's no weight loss. But why, you ask? The answer: It's the food issue. My issues with food have to be resolved before I can get anywhere. I can work out until I pass out, but as long as I eat more than I need to, the weight won't come off, if anything more will pile on. While I go to gym everyday :(. Sad. Something has got to give. Seriously.


  1. It's true :( We gotta figure it out. I've heard over and over that weight-loss happens mostly with diet, lesser so exercise. Have you tried tracking?

  2. Tracking... I have tracked, and stopped. And tracked, and stopped, more times than I care to count. I've just resolved that I'm not a 'tracker'. I think what I need is a workable plan that I can follow week after week, then hopefully I'll see some progress.