Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Free blog bling is frustrating!

To say the least! I loved the look of my blog, but then I got a notice that the free background will expire on August I went ahead and checked out what else is there. But I still preferred the current (at the time) look of my blog and tried to reinstall it, only to get a plain background - or was it no background at all? Anyway, I tried something else, which didn't work for me. THEN I went back and used the code for my old background, and IT WORKED! That's how excited I was. Until I came back today and we were back to a plain/no background. Well (..sigh..) I suppose unless I pay up I have to find something else...

So, it may be you're looking at a different picture than you've seen if you've been here before, or next time you come you'll find something else. Well, hope I find something I like almost as much as the big and bold flowers I had up before.


  1. Mine did that too but I was able to find a new one that was similar. Just when i found one I really liked too.

  2. I'm not so sure I like what I have up now, but I suppose I'll just get used to it...

  3. Blogger does have some really nice new designs in their new design center. I'm thinking of tweaking mine (again) today at some point :)

  4. Oh, thanks for the heads up Karen! Will have a look sometime, hopefully I'll find something that I really like.

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