Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We fall down...And we get back up again

Get back up again! Love that song. I can still hear Denise in my head belting it out on stage during a student association dinner back in 2000 or 2001. That girl can sing!!

That song and me
Looking at my track record over the past few weeks, it was inevitable that this day will come. The day when I will report my first gain after so many weeks of ....nothing? Well, let's call it maintenance. I had 7 weeks of weight losses, no matter how minute (talk about a 0.1lb loss), and there is just no way I'm going to dismiss that as a small matter. I did something I've never done before, something that I hope I can keep doing over and over until all my small losses add up to a substantial loss.

So, my car broke down and I had to release my maid who was making my life absolutely miserable, meaning I had to use public transport and/or rely on others and I had to do extra work around the house especially caring for my son. Then we had the holiday month - July's really nice because we have 2 long weekends - one was FIVE days long, the other 4 days, and this was a sure recipe for disaster. I totally lost track of my plan and should I say threw caution to the wind? I ate. And I sat and watched the new season of big brother. And yep, I gained back 1.8 lbs. I had that one coming. And it was no suprise really when I saw that number on the scale.

Get back up again
I know myself. Once I fall it's soooo difficult to get back up again. I usually spend days where tomorrow I'm getting back on plan, and sure, for the past more than a week I've been saying that to myself. Thankfully I wasn't too overboard with the overindulgence or it could have been worse. The thing that really went wrong was the choce of food types, more than the amount. So that it what I need to adjust back - less sugar, less carbs, more protein and more fresh produce. That's my mantra for getting back on track. I just need to readopt my healthy eating, and stick with it until it's second nature. I wonder how long I need to do it for it to really stick...

Anywho, for myself; I'm going to go over my menus, reintroduce them as they are, with no modifications that aren't beneficial to me. And from there on, we move on. And I'm telling you, I will get back up again!

Ugh - a plan blog - I didn't even process that until now that I'm done. Well, this one was warranted.


  1. Good for you for getting back up again. I like that song too.

    I gave you a blog award!! Come on by to see.

  2. Woo, thanks Traci! Nothing like a blog award to get me excited. I'll be over soon to accept the award.