Monday, July 26, 2010

Hard, but true

I had a perfect glutton's weekend this weekend. Looking back, it was really gross, but each time I overindulged, especially in horrific things, I felt justified. I had all the meanies people - between last week and this weekend I had - KFC mini wrap, chicken n chips, pops, Spur rib n wings, crisps, coke (after how long?), ice cream, seconds at home, buttered toast, buttered toast and buttered toast. I just about lost it and didn't care! Can you believe that? Of course I was hungry, out in town, didn't feel like cooking, etc. but I could have made better choices.

It was actually at the back of my mind all the time that I shouldn't be doing that, yet I threw caution to the wind. Even after my gain last week and my intention to 'get back up again' I still went ahead and sabotaged myself. Well, obviously I had another gain. All of 3.6 lbs. In one week! I can wish this is just water, but I know I deserve it just through the extra calories I ingested. And no activity at all.

Well, time to really go back to the drawing board. Make goals and stick with them. Today has been super clean so far. And I'm tracking again.

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  1. I'm glad today is going well! Falling off track is so difficult (maybe because it's delicious...) but you can do it! I'm doing the same thing after I had decided to eat whatever I wanted on vacation last week...but I'm struggling with grabbing the veggies instead of the buttered toast today!