Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Slimmin' Update? And a decision

Summer Slimmin' and Weigh In
I survived the long weekend! Well, barely. But I'm here, and reporting DID NOT gain should cancel all that's bad that happened, right? Right? But I didn't lose either. It's an absolute miracle that I did not record a gain this past week! So, I'll TAKE IT, because I don't deserve it...

Yep, unfortunately this past week was my biggest fail as far as the Summer Slimmin' Challenge. But this is a new week and I'm on it like it's going out of fashion. Well, may be it is...with less than half the time left. Which means I best hurry up and do my utmost best if I want to see that sweet reward of drinkin' water, cookin' meals, etc.

You know, I was looking at my weight loss stats earlier today. I know I'm on a journey to be healthier and fitter and I'm focusing on 'things' that will help me achieve that. But I also know very well that what the scale says at this point in my journey -- early days -- is reflective of the strides I'm making towards achieving my health and fitness goals. So, yes, I get on the scale a lot. And so, seeing how I lost SIX pounds the first week on the Weigh-Less plan, and have lost only 5.4lbs since then (5 weeks), I feel like I'm not doing well enough.

As I was thinking about it earlier, I just felt like coming on here to say I've lost 0.4 lbs or 0.0 lbs is really under par. So I thought how does it help me to blog about that? And I thought, may be rather than blogging often about my goals and my plans and not showing any results, isn't it better to just shut up and do it?

So I thought, what if I prove to myself that I can lose the weight without annoucing plans that fall by the wayside all the time. So I thought, may be I should step away from the blog, and only return when I've lost 10 lbs. Wouldn't that be a motivator enough to get me going? May be.

Sooo, I'll be posting my weekly weigh ins, but not talking so much about what I'm going to do. Focusing on doing, rather than telling.

Let's see how long this will take.

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