Friday, September 10, 2010

Doing well

If only there was no such thing as biscuits... I've been doing pretty for the last week or just over. I've been to the gym every single day, except when I took a rest day like Saturday, and I've been rocking it with both cardio and weights. I'm very proud of myself right now. My eating could also be defined as great, only there are these bad guys called biscuits, or cookies to American friends. They've always been my downfall and I'm sure a large fraction of the fat on my body was manufactured from them. I eat clean all day, then after dinner I just have to have a couple with a hot drink. Last night this happened close to midnight! Unbelievable. Oh well. That was last night, can't undo it, can I? So, though they are not on my plan, I think just a couple or even one every now and then should be useful to stave cravings that could lead to binges. Check the time of day, and make adjustments to prior and it should be fine, no? Today I'm using a new phone and I'd just like see how this post will appear. If it works then it might mean more regular posts on the blog!


  1. You can't undo it, but it might be worth thinking about if having biccies in the house is really as helpful as you might think. Foods like that can be good if you can control yourself and be satisfied with the one or two that you work into your eating plan, but if having them available mean you find yourself eating more of them than you'd like (even if it's nopt many, it's more a control issue) then you might want to think about getting them out of the house.

  2. Thanks TBI! Thankfully I don't really keep biscuits in the house anymore, exactly for the reason that it's not easy to control myself around them. I'd bought a packet as a treat for someone else but of course I had to have some. But this time I have been better with them, not that I'm going out to buy any more!