Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Food blogs

I love food blogs!
With their nicely arranged and colourful food pictures and step by step recipes sometimes.
Oh, I love food blogs. I could look through food blogs all day!
The pictures are just out there, like they make me want to eat the food right there and then. Thank goodness they are not actual displays of food or there would be hell to pay.
I happened to come across a couple of new (to me) food blogs the other day and they just blew me away.  Especially From Apples to Zucchini. I absolutely LOVE her. She's taken the best recipes out there and made them over to suit her healthy lifestyle. So, it was quite an adventure going through her archives looking for new recipes to try.
But then the archives go way back to before she started her new lifestyle, back when she made the recipes with all the fat and sugar, etc. that they called for. In that part of her blog I happened upon a very easy recipes for 'doughnut muffins'. So I thought I'll just print it out fo rmy little sister to try. And yesterday when I got in from work they were done. I couldn't resist, and ended up with 3 going down my throat in the course of one evening! They were good, but I will definitely stay in the more recent section of that blog if I want to maintain my own healthy lifestyle!
You should check this blog out, the best recipes out there if you're out for something decadent but low calorie.

Then this morning I was just craving a cheese puff pie, and couldn't resist. Got one, enjoyed it in place of my lunch and snacks. Not on plan but planned into my day any way. Oh well.

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  1. I love food blogs too! have you tried Warning, it's a bit of a time suck and do not go there hungry!