Monday, September 27, 2010

So much to do, so little time

That is exactly why I have not posted a blog since last Monday. I've found myself starting a post on my phone a couple of times over the weekend but an incoming call or the need to make a quick before I'm ready to post and I would have to discard the post...(yeah, that's what you get for using a cheapo phone).

Anyway, I've been ok. I mean it could have been worse in many ways.

I'm seriously rocking the gym people! Even I can't believe myself sometimes. Ok, last week I had to miss Thursday and Friday because I had unavoidable commitments. BUT, I went to gym both Saturday and Sunday and did more than I was scheduled to do. I mean, who does step exercises during weight-lifting breaks?? It was intense, and I was sweating for a while after leaving the gym both days.

I'm so proud of myself. I can feel myself getting fitter and fitter...managing speeds I couldn't before, cycling faster at higher resistances, lifting heavier weights, and heck, I can do the plank now. And I don't mean just raising myself off the floor for a couple of seconds only before falling on my face. The background is that I've always had a weak core, and it's been worse since my car accident some years ago. I couldn't lift myself off the floor at all at the beginning of the month, but I've been working on it and now I'm so much better. I can only look forward to being even fitter.

If my dedication to food was as strong as my dedication to exercise, I would be so much further in my journey. I am trying to follow the Weigh-Less plan. I mean I paid for the plan and I report my weight and receive a motivational speech (written) every week. (There is no Weigh-Less group here so they're doing an online version).

However, for some reason I do very well during the day at work - said a thousand times before, but then when I get home it's a different story. Well, not really. I don't eat too much a lot of the time, I don't binge. But I eat more than I should. I eat things outside my plan. The thing though is that the Weigh-Less plan is as easy as they come, It really does not restrict what you eat at all. It works by controlling the ratio and amount of food types you eat. And it has worked for soo many people. I'm just wondering what it will take for me to finally do exactly what I'm supposed to do.

I lose a little each week, sometimes I gain, but overall I'm losing. Very slowly. I want to lose faster than I am. But I fail to follow eating plan perfectly. So I don't lose as much. I find myself rationalizing this fact like this: I can't follow the Weigh-Less eating plan to the letter except fi I really force myself. So following it strictly and losing weight faster only means if I do I will end up gaining it back...
Does that make any sense at all? Sometimes I feel like it does. Other times I think I'm just crazy.

For now, I'm just doing my best where I can, the rest will follow. Currently on a work trip, I depend on hotel buffet breakfast and take out or restaurant the rest of the day. I've challenged myself to actually lose this week.
We'll see.

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