Monday, August 9, 2010


My first loss in 4 weeks - 2.4 lbs! Could've been better, but it's more than good enough and I'll take it any day over a gain or maintain. Things were starting to get really scary, like I'll never be able to recover, but I finally put my foot down and:

1. Started walking on my treadmill every week day morning before work
2. Following the Weigh-Less menu plans for all meals.

And I got the pay off!

Too bad weekends happen
Yep. Every five days we take a 2 day break from work and/or school. Who came up with this idea?? Why is it that 2 day break has to become a break from being purposely active and following a healthy lifestyle? I mean, seriously, who needs a break from their own lifestyle?

But really, seriously...
Weekends do not have to change our lifestyle. Not going to work does not mean meal times have to change, it does not mean meal contents have to change, neither does it mean I have to skip my work out. I can always compensate for the little indulgences I 'have to have' over the weekend. If I sleep in and skip the morning work out - do something else later; take my son for a walk outside, anything. If I have to eat out, at a restaurant, party, friend's or relative's house, I can still make the best choices by planning ahead. And if I'm bored and feel the need to graze, get up, get out and do something exciting, or just something!

For now, I'll take my 2.4, take to my treadmill and take heed of the Weigh-Less lifestyle guidelines until it all becomes second nature! Can you imagine what a string of 2.4 lbs losses would mean?? If only.

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