Monday, August 23, 2010

I am sick...

Goodness, I have no idea why I even came into work today. I have the grandmother of all colds. I had a terrible weekend due to this cold and I still feel absolutely horrible.
It everything really, the sore itchy throat, the blocked, yet runny nostrils, the fuzzy head, the painful cough. And I just want to sleep and wake up ok. I've taken all sorts of medication over the weekend, but I'm far from better, what to do.
And you can imagine the added calories from all the syrupy medicines, the cough drops, the soups. Sies. I have yet to weigh myself for this week's weigh in to see if any damage is evident yet.
I'm meaking the decision to take today off sick. I am sick.


  1. really do not worry about the calories in cought medecine and things, it will push you over the edge into unhealthy obsession. You need the medecine, so just focus on getting yourself better.

  2. I hope you're feeling better very soon!!

  3. Thanks a lot ladies. I ended up spending a lot of yesterday heavily medicated and under covers. Feel a bit better today.