Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Better at last
Thanks for the well wishes, I'm feeling much much better today. Most of the nose/nostrils stuff is gone, so just a bit of a cough left.
However, short as it was, the yuckiness set me back a few paces. I haven't weighed myself since my Monday weigh in, but I know I've probably picked up upwards of a pounds in the past couple of days. The first thing to go was my water. When you have a cold you don't want to drink anything unless it's warm. I did sip on quite a few cups of Med Lemon and Tea, but usually I drink up to or even more than 2 litres of water on top of any water I take otherwise, as in teas, coffee and other drinks. Cold and cough syrups are just that, syrup. Throat lozenges and cough drops - sugar. So, yeah, there was a lot of sugar in my life this week. And then there's the recklessness that comes when you're not really yourself, extra slice of bread with extra cream cheese here, extra rice on the plate, etc.
I'm currently gathering my senses and moving on. No use crying over spilt milk.

I'm glad I'm so much better because this evening I'm off on a work trip. Last time I was at the place I'm going to I got a terrible cold, so it would seem I'm always sick when I'm over there. After work on Friday I'm going over to my grand parents' and will fly back only on Sunday. I'm definitely going to miss my little boy.

Travelling and eating - never been good together for me. I've been trying to work out in my head what I should eat for each meal while I'm out there to avoid another gain. This week I was only 0.6 lbs up, but these little numbers just add up the way they do when you're losing. So, I'm really going to try and avoid splurges and follow my plan to the best of my ability given the circumstances.

I'll be busy the rest of the week, so I may not be able to catch up till next week, but I'll do what I can.

Till next time... may be sooner than you think.

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