Monday, August 16, 2010

My mom's question

This past week was so-so; I woke up early for a walk 4 times, including outside once, I mostly ate well, especially during the day while I was at work. The evenings were a bit different, and so was the weekend. So, where I was down more than a pound on Friday, I only returned a 0.8lb loss this morning.

So, I'm registering the 0.8lbs and moving on to bigger and better things.

What my mom asked...
I've said a few times before that my mom's house is one of the worst places for me in terms of eating. No, it's not really my mom's fault, but of course she's been known to offer me foods that are absolutely bad for me and I shouldn't eat often or in large amonuts. Anyway, whenever I'm at my mom's house I just have to get to the kitchen and find stuff to eat. I suppose it's just residual from when I was growing up and eating uncensored.

So, I was over at the house. And while I was eating some 'bad for me' food all the while lamenting how I shouldn't be eating off plan, my mom asked me why I am bothering to 'diet' because I always go off plan anyway! I wasn't shocked at all, because to a bystander it really is a valid question.

Well, it was easy to answer --- I'm not dieting, I'm trying to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. It's still a little difficult but hopefully with time I will be able to get it and maintain it. I can only try from day to day, and if I find myself doing things or eating things that do not fully support the lifestyle I'm aiming for, tomorrow is another day and I can try again. Actually, my next meal I get to do better! Second, can you imagine what I would weigh if I ate this way all the time?

I hope she got it. To me, every little bit counts. If I falter I know a little compensation later on will make a difference. No matter how long I can lose my path to a healthy lifestyle, I will always come back. Because really, what's the alternative, gaining even more weight? Nope, I'm not having any of that. I'd rather stay where I am by being on and off my path (not intentional), rather than stay off forever and end up........ I don't even know how to end that sentence. Woudl you complete it for me?


  1. Dead........because really, that's where it all leads. Good for you for keeping coming back. It is an an adjustment to a healthy lifestyle. And no one ever said you couldn't have a little treat here and there along the way. As long as those little treats don't amount to you not losing. :) You can do this. Maybe don't go hungry when you know you are going over there. Or reward yourself if you can stay away from her kitchen completely (non-food reward).

  2. I have trouble at my mum's house too, I'm not sure what it is exactly! She's a feeder, it's a way she shows love, but even without that something about the place makes me eat like crazy!