Monday, November 8, 2010

Great weekend, or not...

I'm thankful for nice, restful weekends. They are rare, so when one comes along it is truly cherished.

After our weekend plans fell through on Saturday, we resolved to not make any new plans and just use the weekend to sort of recharge and get some much-needed rest. I only left the house 2 times between Saturday and Sunday. Once to get a very necessary ingredient for a recipe, and then to make the weekly grocery run.

Rest we did. It was quiet, if you discount the constant chatter of a 2 year old, and we really enjoyed being in-doors the whole time.

Of course, there's a down side to all of this. That recipe for which I had to get an ingredient - really bad-for-your-heart stuff. And we ate, ate, ate. And we drank, drank, drank. Both soft and hardish. We concluded the weekend with a very late supper, which comprised of brunch-like foods. So, there you have it. A weekend of zero activity, and high consumption.

That means, weight was up this morning, obviously. I stress too much about my weight. I think about it all the time, and yet I'm not making any progress at all. Somehow I always self-sabotage if I make even the smallest progress. Could it be because par fo me misses something when I do lose? Ugh, I don't get it.

Anyway, this is what I'm thinking. Between now and my birthday I'm giving myself a chance to just exist without worrying about what I weigh. I will not worry what every move I make means to my weight status. I will just be, and I'll see what happens. No, this is not an excuse to over-indulge, not at all. I'll go to gym when I feel especially moved to go, I will not force myself. I will feed my body nutritiously, not  with junky substances. And on the morning of my birthday I will see if I have gained or not. That's all. Not a plan really, just letting go for a bit.

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